How can I get any of your products not currently available at my local grocery store?
You may want to ask your local grocery store manager about the possibility of ordering it for you. If he/she can, it is by far your easiest and most economical option. However, if you are still unable to locate the product, most of our items are available through Diversified Distributing. For additional information, Diversified can be contacted at 1- 877-4453-1638. Their hours of operation are 8:00 a.m. to 4 p.m. Central Standard Time, Monday through Friday.

Where can I purchase large containers of products for home or small business use?

Sam's Clubs carry a variety of the Tone's brand products in large, food service sizes. Currently, Sam's is the only retail outlet for our larger size containers. However, most of our items are available through Diversified Distributing. For additional information, Diversified can be contacted at 1-877-453-1638.

How can I tell how old a spice product is?

To determine the year and month when a spice was packaged, look for a series of black numbers and letters printed on the bottom or side or the spice container. This is not the UPC code and it is usually printed directly on the container, not the label. On dry packet mixes, the numbers and letters are pressed or indented into the edge of the package. The first number indicates the year of the decade. For example, if the first number is 8, this means the product was packaged in 2008. The second letter refers to the month. "A" stands for January, "B" stands for February, "C" is for March, and so on. So, if an item was packaged in March of 2008, the code would begin with 8C. (Other numbers and letters will follow, but the first two digits indicate when the product was packaged).

What is the shelf life of most spices?

We strongly recommend replacement by the Best if Used by Date (available on some products), due to diminished flavor and visual characteristics. Spices have a long storage life -- up to 2 to 5 years, depending on the spice and whether it is in whole or ground form. A rule of thumb is that whole spices (peppercorns, whole cloves, cinnamon sticks, etc.) have the longest life, while ground spices and herbs in general are more fragile. The recommended shelf lives of some of our other products are as follows:
  • Pure and Imitation Extracts 4-6 years
  • Durkee Lemon Pie Filling 18 months
  • Durkee Coconut 1 year
  • Famous Sauce 1 year
  • Dec A Cake icings and gels 1 year
  • Dec A Cake sprinkles 2 years
  • Durkee or French's Sauce and Gravy dry mixes 18 months
  • Tone's Soup Base 6 months (after opening).

What is the best way to store spices?

Proper storage of spices will ensure maximum flavor and color retention. Heat, light and moisture are all enemies of dried spices. Heat causes flavor loss, light will fade the naturally bright colors and moisture might cause ground and powdered spices to clump. Don't measure or shake spices over open boiling pots. Keep spices in a cool, dry, and dark cupboard away from the range or any source of intense heat. Any of the red spices retain their color and are best protected from insects if stored in the refrigerator or freezer. These include paprika, chili powder and red pepper, among others. If you are using the Tone's Chicken or Beef Soup Base, be sure to store in the refrigerator, and use within 6 months after opening. (HINT: Store in the freezer for a longer shelf life. To use, simply let the jar sit on the kitchen counter for 5 to 10 minutes to soften enough to spoon out the desired amount. Then return to freezer.).

What can I do if my garlic or onion product has become a hard ball?

This is a very common problem, due to the nature of these two products. Unfortunately, garlic and onion are very prone to absorbing any moisture. The product is still useable if you can break it up with a knife or re-pulverize in the blender.

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